Wren at Eight Months

My baby girl is now eight months old.  Since the final steps of the adoption process are well under way, we arranged for her to be dedicated to the Lord at church yesterday.  Some family (including friends who are like family) travelled all the way from West Virginia to be witness the ceremony.

Wren was a big girl and didn’t cry as the pastor held her.  She also enjoyed looking at everyone in the congregation.  She is so not shy.

The weather yesterday was just amazingly beautiful for Fall so we were able to go back to my favourite spot in the neighborhood for photos.  Wren enjoyed playing in the leaves.  (She didn’t like how they tasted so much though!)

I think it’s going to get harder taking photographs of her now that she is mobile.  She really wants to explore.  She pretty much does all of the same things as before, but she now waves.  To herself.  (My theory is that when people wave to her she sees the palms of their hands.  So when she waves, she wants to see the palm of her own hand, too.)

Well…  Happy Monday, all!  May you each have a wonderful and productive day.


9 thoughts on “Wren at Eight Months

  1. She is just adorable.

    It does get harder to catch them for full on face pictures, but some of the best pictures we have of Mea are ones where she is dancing, jumping, laughing, running, etc.


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