Knitting Pattern: Headband

What I’ve learned, but don’t yet understand why, is that children’s clothing is expensive. A cute dress can cost just as much as something I would buy myself even though its made with considerably less yardage. The same goes for accessories.

I have been trying to be frugal so I have been making little things here and there. Several months ago, I knit up this headband for my daughter using some scrap yarn. It’s so simple I wanted to share how I did it.

  1. Using the largest recommended needle for the yarn’s weight, cast on 8 stitches.
  2. Knit until you are about an inch less than the child’s head circumference. Cast off.
  3. Sew ends together.

La voilà!

(If you are particularly good at knitting, you could use a provisional cast on. Then you could graft the end with the cast on for a seamless join.)

My friend Enna gave me a lot of crocheted flowers from her swatch pile that I tie into the seam on the headband. Because she left long tails, I can easily untie and attach a different flower. You could use a large button or attach a bow.

These crafty accessories are so my style. They look earthy and classic. Because the garter stich is being stretched vertically, it is very elastic and fits for a long time. It serves the same purpose as a ribbing stitch, but it is also so much simpler.

I hope that this inspires you to make something that hasn’t been patterned.

Stone Roller: Wren’s First Costume

Our church has a Fall Carnival every year for the community, and a lot of people show up in costume. We were dressed as a bowling team.  Okey and I cheated a bit because, well, we were actually on a bowling team for a couple of years so we just wore our old shirts.

Using an old pillow case and some scraps, I sewed Wren’s shirt following this Small Dream Factory pattern.  The size is supposed to be for a 12-18 month old boy, but it barely fit my then seven-month old girl.  I had to put in a last-minute gusset-like allowance on the sleeves for her.  The collar was a bit wonky, so I just made my own following this simple advice at BurdaStyle.

I liked that we used the old bowling ball bag as the diaper bag, but I think that fact was lost on everyone there which is why I’m explaining it to you here.  Oh, well.

Wren at Eight Months

My baby girl is now eight months old.  Since the final steps of the adoption process are well under way, we arranged for her to be dedicated to the Lord at church yesterday.  Some family (including friends who are like family) travelled all the way from West Virginia to be witness the ceremony.

Wren was a big girl and didn’t cry as the pastor held her.  She also enjoyed looking at everyone in the congregation.  She is so not shy.

The weather yesterday was just amazingly beautiful for Fall so we were able to go back to my favourite spot in the neighborhood for photos.  Wren enjoyed playing in the leaves.  (She didn’t like how they tasted so much though!)

I think it’s going to get harder taking photographs of her now that she is mobile.  She really wants to explore.  She pretty much does all of the same things as before, but she now waves.  To herself.  (My theory is that when people wave to her she sees the palms of their hands.  So when she waves, she wants to see the palm of her own hand, too.)

Well…  Happy Monday, all!  May you each have a wonderful and productive day.