Oh, boys.

This past weekend, my very good friend, her husband, and their twin boys came up for a visit.  It was so much fun having a house full of babies.  Surprisingly, we managed to get a couple of good nights of sleep.

We tried to take a photo of our babes wearing the sweaters that we hand knit for them.  We learned, however, that wrangling babies is very difficult.  There is not a single photo where all three of them faced the camera.  Plus, a certain little girl was always on the move.

Sarah with Eli, Wren, Polly with Aaron

Eli, Aaron, and Wren

For the Record:  Sweater Patterns

Eli is modelling The Dumb Baby Sweater designed by Maggie Righetti.

Aaron is sporting Baby Surprise Jacket written by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Wren is wearing Five-Hour Sweater created by Courtney Filner.

Thanks to Sarah and Oso for making the trek.  Thanks to the boys for showing Wren what crawling is for (she’s a real pro now) and how to pull up on furniture (I may need to pad the piano bench).


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