Wren at Seven Months

Girl, oh girl. You stole our hearts the moment we learned of you, and I don’t think we’ll ever get them back.

This past month, and right on cue, Wren started teething.  She was fussy and her appetite diminished.  She ran a slight fever, she tugged on her ear, and then the snot came.  I kept checking to see which tooth was coming in, and it felt like her top right one.  I was surprised when the front bottom right made its appearance.  Then its twin appeared the next day.

Even though she seems to have stopped crawling, she hasn’t stopped moving.  She now prefers to roll around and will scoot.  She can also pull herself to a stand and will stand by herself next to the ottoman.

We also had a busy month with family.  Both grandparents stopped by for a visit, and we said farewell to my brother and his family as they moved to the other side of the world.

Wren with her maternal grandparents (i.e., mine)

Wren with her paternal grandparents (i.e., Okey’s)

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