Post Sandy

I just wanted to give a quick update to let everyone know that we are okay.  The winds were strong through the night, but we are still here.  The power is surprisingly still on, and our property stayed intact.


Before the Storm

I am hoping that the storm misses us. Still, we are as prepared as we can be for the loss of power. We have ample canned and non-perishable food. We also have 23 gallons of water plus a tubful.

All of our potted plants are stowed away, and the lawn furniture has been brought close to the house.

The rain started as a drizzle last night, and now it’s a cold steady downpour. The wind has picked up a bit.

The news agencies do not want anyone going outside. I am thankful my husband can work from home.

The animals, especially the cat, are very curious. The dog keeps looking out the bay window at the dancing trees behind our home. I opened the front door, and the cat ran to sniff the strange air.

We have cider warming up in the crockpot with cinnamon to help us stave off the sudden chill. Thank goodness the house isn’t drafty. I hope it stays that way!

Oh, boys.

This past weekend, my very good friend, her husband, and their twin boys came up for a visit.  It was so much fun having a house full of babies.  Surprisingly, we managed to get a couple of good nights of sleep.

We tried to take a photo of our babes wearing the sweaters that we hand knit for them.  We learned, however, that wrangling babies is very difficult.  There is not a single photo where all three of them faced the camera.  Plus, a certain little girl was always on the move.

Sarah with Eli, Wren, Polly with Aaron

Eli, Aaron, and Wren

For the Record:  Sweater Patterns

Eli is modelling The Dumb Baby Sweater designed by Maggie Righetti.

Aaron is sporting Baby Surprise Jacket written by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Wren is wearing Five-Hour Sweater created by Courtney Filner.

Thanks to Sarah and Oso for making the trek.  Thanks to the boys for showing Wren what crawling is for (she’s a real pro now) and how to pull up on furniture (I may need to pad the piano bench).

Wren at Seven Months

Girl, oh girl. You stole our hearts the moment we learned of you, and I don’t think we’ll ever get them back.

This past month, and right on cue, Wren started teething.  She was fussy and her appetite diminished.  She ran a slight fever, she tugged on her ear, and then the snot came.  I kept checking to see which tooth was coming in, and it felt like her top right one.  I was surprised when the front bottom right made its appearance.  Then its twin appeared the next day.

Even though she seems to have stopped crawling, she hasn’t stopped moving.  She now prefers to roll around and will scoot.  She can also pull herself to a stand and will stand by herself next to the ottoman.

We also had a busy month with family.  Both grandparents stopped by for a visit, and we said farewell to my brother and his family as they moved to the other side of the world.

Wren with her maternal grandparents (i.e., mine)

Wren with her paternal grandparents (i.e., Okey’s)

Adoption: We’re Not Done Yet

I haven’t made an adoption update in a while.  So, briefly, here’s where we are:

We have completed our three state-required post placement visits, and at least six months have passed since we brought Wren home from the hospital.  This means that we can take the next steps to make this adoption official.  Our lawyer started the legal pleadings with the Circuit Court Judge who will review and (hopefully) endorse our case.  (There’s also a few things that need to be done with the Commissioner of Social Services, the health department, and the agency which our lawyer will also handle.)  Once this is done, our lawyer will file the Final Order of Adoption again with the Circuit Court Judge.  At this step, our lawyer informs us that the Judge “merely needs to enter the Final Order of Adoption for it to become effective.”

Our current official status is that we are foster parents who are intending to adopt.  We still need to report to the agency when we plan to leave the state for any length of time and if there is a medical emergency.  Also, her name isn’t really official.  We don’t have her birth certificate yet.  Etc. Hopefully, by year’s end, we will be Wren’s parents in the eyes of the law.

This last part of the adoption process is a very important step that usually gets glossed over in lieu of the initial paperwork, the approval process, the waiting, the referral, the placement, etc.  I guess because it’s not as fun signing paperwork written in legalese and writing more checks.  And, hopefully just hopefully, because it is more of a sure process.

A Post, Shorter than I Expected

Fall has come quickly to Virginia.  Rain is currently coming down in sheets, so I doubt we’ll run errands today.  Nina Simone is playing on Pandora. Wren is down for a nap.  The shawl I’m supposed to knit for a friend isn’t working out with the yarn we picked out, so I’m making an executive decision and changing the pattern.  Time to cast on.  Oh, never mind.  Someone just sat up and gave me a smile.