The Quilter’s Progress

It’s time for an update on that baby quilt that was causing me a headache.  I checked out a dozen or so books from the library about quilting techniques.  I couldn’t find anything conclusive, but I figured that I might as well invest in a walking foot.  When I walked into the quilting store, and I said “I am having problems with my quilt, and I think I need a walking foot,” everyone agreed.  Mind you, I hadn’t even told them what my problem was.

Walking Foot

The engineer that is my husband was very eager to help me install it on my sewing machine.  Immediately, I could tell it was working.  The point of a walking foot is to feed thick fabrics from the bottom and the top.  I am very happy.

I have now added the binding to the quilt.  Right when I was ready to start whipstitching, I looked ahead and realized that I have no idea how to finish it. I followed the instructions in the book which had me start by sewing the binding onto the quilt.  I know, that sounds simple, but what I think the author forgot is that I needed to have folded the binding.  She admits her method is not very traditional.  She does not cut on the bias nor are the strips joined at a 45° angle.   However,  it’s going to look messy because the edge of the binding is exposed on the front side and is frayed a bit.

My first option is to fold the starting piece (once I get all the way back around to it) at 45°.  It’ll be the only fold like it, but this will be the simplest solution.

My second option is to tear out the binding at that section and fold the beginning.

I think I am going to do the first option on this quilt.  I’m getting pretty tired of ripping out stitches on this quilt.  It’s not a gift, so I don’t need to worry about giving someone something inferior.  But then again, I will have to look at it.

Oh, that quilt I’ve been sketching?  I went to the store and bought the following fabric which I love, but they (the fabric) are asking to be pieced in a different block pattern.   So now I’m sketching out new patterns.

I hope to reach a conclusion and post a “It’s finished!” update soon.

What creative projects are you working on now?


Wren at Six Months

Wren turned a half year old on Tuesday, and I brought her to the pediatrician where she received her shots and otherwise had a good visit. The doctor wanted to know what she was eating, and I listed all of the foods I’ve puréed for her (green beans, carrots, sweet peas, and yams) plus the yoghurt and rice cereal. He said I should introduce her to a sippy cup, and that’s when I got confused. She’s only six months old.  I asked, “What do I put in it? Juice, formula?”  “Water,” he replied. He also suggested I give her real solid food.

I’ve been reading about how to get her to sleep through the night, about when to start potty training, about encouraging her to crawl, etc.  Somehow I missed the part where one introduces real solid food to a baby.

So, with my neighbour’s help and reassurance, I bought some puffs and rusks.  All I can say is that Wren loves them! The rusks are packaged by the pair. When she was done with the first one, she was reaching for the second and took it out of the package herself.  Okey chuckled and said, “Our daughter is a genius.”

I had to take one more laundry basket photo since our little girl is growing up so fast.  I doubt that she will fit in the basket next week.

Oh, have I told you that she’s crawling?