Sadly, so sadly.

Do you have that one event you look forward to as soon as summer starts?  It could be the theme park opening or a vacation.  For me, it was a picnic for adopted families.  I really have been looking forward to reconnecting with other couples and families that we’ve met through our adoption agency in the past year.

Today is the day of the picnic, so we got in the car, turned onto the highway, and we sat.  After thirty minutes we had only made it six miles.  An hour later and we only made it about twenty more miles.  The park was another sixty miles away.

Nothing on the radio or the news indicated an accident.  There was just too much traffic on one of America’s busiest highways.

Sadly, we realized there was no way we could get there before people starting packing up.

Sadly, we decided to call it quits.

I am so disappointed that we didn’t get to be there.

And now I have to figure out what to do with all of these potato chips.


2 thoughts on “Sadly, so sadly.

    • Thanks, Lindy. I should see some of the local people in October, but that feels like eons away for some reason. At least that’s better than waiting til next August for the annual picnic.


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