Experiencing Baby Food

At sixteen weeks, Wren had shown great interest in our food.  Sitting upright in her bumbo, she would mimic her daddy and mommy as they ate their own food.  She would also reach out for our plates.  Because she exhibited a lot of the signs that she was ready to eat, we went ahead and gave her “solid food.”

She took immediately to the rice cereal.  After a week of that we tried green beans.  With reservation, she ate her vegetables.  By the third night of this legume, however, she was a fan.  We put her back on rice cereal for a couple of weeks since we were travelling so much.  Last night, we gave her some plain yogurt (per our doctor’s recommendation).  At first we didn’t think she approved of the sour taste, but then she was reaching for more, more, more!

A couple of weekends ago, we went to visit my folks at their farm.  The plan was for my mum and me to preserve some fresh homegrown vegetables to be pureed during the winter months for Wren.  Well, while I was feeding Wren and changing her diaper, my mum was busy canning.  All said and done, we she got 25 jars of Italian beans and seven jars of yellow squash.  These have been labeled and put into storage for the winter months when fresh vegetables are harder to come by.

Although I did not actually preserve the vegetables, I learned a couple of important things from my mum concerning canning baby food:

1.  Do not puree the food before canning them as the internal temperature may not reach its target and some bacteria may survive.

2.  Low acid foods must be pressure canned (versus the boil water method that I learned last fall).

This is something I hope to do again, perhaps on my own and perhaps once we can find the replacement parts for the pressure canner I received from a Freecycling donor.


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