My Week without a Dryer

Last week, we had to choose between the dryer or the air conditioner.  It was one of the hottest weeks of summer, so the decision was quickly made to give up the dryer’s place on the circuit breaker.

Day 1:  Today I enjoyed the rusticity of hanging laundry on the clothes line.  I imagined how much I am saving the Earth by not using power.  (I figured it was a lot.)  I can see myself doing this even after the power to the dryer is restored.

Day 2:  Was that a tick?

Day 3:  Why is everything so hard?

Day 4:   I picked up some fabric softener to re-wash the towels.  I wonder if this will affect my saving the Earth.

Day 5:  Laundry-free day due to the risk of rain!  🙂

Day 6:  Laundry-free day due to the rain!  😦

Day 7:  I cannot wait for the circuit breaker to be repaired.


3 thoughts on “My Week without a Dryer

  1. We haven’t had a dryer since the time we got a washer to avoid spendinig so much money at the laundromat. Actually, we own a small apartment sized dryer, but have never hooked it up since line drying works so well for us. Oso would have you know that he purchased a rack that folds up flat when not in use. This wonderful invention allows him to save time by loading wet clothes directly from the washer onto the rack (while staying in the air conditioned house) and then carrying it outside. Since it’s portable he can chase the sunny spots or bring it in if rain starts. It came from Lowes.

    • We had a wooden drying rack, but it mildewed. I have seen some metal ones that are painted with enamel at Target, but I am still concerned that they will rust. Ah, the humidity that is Virginia.

      • We have a metal rack, I forget from where, which we actually use to dry my silky work clothes. I’ve used it a few years and haven’t seen rust. The mesh top on ours also makes a great cat hammock.

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