Who wants a pacifier holder?

Edit:  Knitting pattern can be found here.

I knew that I would be making a lot of sacrifices as a mother.  Spending time with adults, going out whenever I wanted, showering, jogging, my house, clean laundry.  (Ok, these things make me sound like a slob, and I assure you that I am not.  Well, maybe a little?)  Without a doubt, the one thing I miss most as a new mother is sleeping through the night.  Coffee can only do so much.

As the result of holding a newborn who only sleeps when being held, I do a lot of web browsing with one free hand.  I read a lot of news articles and blogs.  I re-happened across this post by another cousin and was inspired to make my own pacifier holders.  I have been experimenting with some alternate designs, and I’m happy with how they have turned out.  See?

Sewn pacifier holder made with 100% polyester barnyard ribbon

Knit pacifier holder made with 100% cotton

Katie uses velcro to secure the pacifier to her handsome son’s holder.  Since I’m a mother to a beautiful girl, I wanted to avoid anything that would potentially damage a frilly outfit so I chose a polyester cord.

Pacifier holders are great for babies of all ages.  Newborns who spit them out with great force that they fly from your front door and into your lawn, or toddlers who like crawl around everywhere.  These holders will keep you from constantly retrieving pacifiers.

Every household should have at least one.

This is where the contest comes in.  I would like to give one of these away!  In the comment section below, please tell me about something you had to give up for someone, and do you regret it or not?  You don’t have to be a mom to comment.  Not even a dad.  Surely there is a small someone in your life who could use a pacifier holder and who is waiting for you to win them one.

Contest Details:  You will have until midnight on Mother’s Day (May 13, 2012) to reply (or rather, you have until I wake up very early on Monday morning).  I will pick a comment at random and then I will contact you to see which one you want.*   If you want another color than what is shown, I can let you know your ribbon or knit options.  I will ship this out at no cost to you.  Pacifier itself not included.

Cool, huh?  Now tell me your story.  🙂

* You’re better off picking the knit one.  My sewing skills are horrible.


6 thoughts on “Who wants a pacifier holder?

  1. I told Eric I had to remember to comment on this and then forgot (we were traveling out of town with sporadic internet)…I guess I need to try to make my own now! : )

    • So what I’m reading is that you gave up commenting on this blog to travel with your husband, and you regret not winning a pacifier holder? 😉 Email on its way.

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