Blanketed with Love

Our baby girl, Wren, has been given so many lovely gifts from so many dear people.  Among these gifts are all types of beautifully hand-made blankets.  These blankets are just so … I’m going to cry … I have to share them with you all, and you’ll see what I mean.

Here is the first blanket she received from Sarah last fall:

The quilt is beautifully done.  Sarah has a push pedal sewing machine and then she intricately hand-stitched the stars and crescent moons in each square.  The print has the classic nursery rhyme.  According to southern tradition, the pineapples which trim the blanket are a symbol of welcoming.  So perfect!

Here is a crocheted blanket that my mother made:

This is a twelve-pointed blanket that is made from wool yarn that is machine washable.   I love the bright colors and its unique shape.  (Oh, that is the rocking chair that Okey’s father made.)  So awesome!

Here is another crocheted blanket that an anonymous volunteer made for children who are adopted:

I love the simple and bulky pink and white stripes.  It is over-sized and perfect for many uses.  So darling!

Here is a crocheted blanket that Okey’s paternal grandmother made:

I just love the simple-repeating pattern.  It is the perfect size for swaddling, and it’s soft.  So beautiful!

At night we tuck Wren into her bassinet with this blanket that Okey’s grandmother made for him when he was a newborn.

I love the colors and the texture on this crocheted blanket.  I also love the sentimental value bestowed on it, having had so many generations touching it.  So precious!

Here is a crocheted blanket that our neighbor Judy gave us:

This has similar pattern to the other blanket and is also a perfect size for swaddling.  The proceeds from the sale of this blanket went to the Project Linus which provides blankets for “children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need.”  So caring!

And then there is this quilt that my family made:

Each family member was responsible for decorating a square.  Either they drew something that represented them or had a welcoming message just for Wren.  They pulled this together is a matter of weeks.  This quilt is large enough to go on a twin bed, but for now it will hang on the wall in Wren’s room.  So loving!

It is great knowing that Wren is blanketed with so much love from everyone.  So much love!


2 thoughts on “Blanketed with Love

  1. That rocking chair your father-in-law made is amazing! What a special keepsake that and each of these special blankets will be!

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