Health Pledge Update: I’m doing it all wrong

It’s a good thing that June is still over a month away because I haven’t been doing a good job keeping to my dietary and exercise goals.

When Wren was in the hospital, and I was driving 80 miles each way every day to see her, I kept true to my no fast food diet.  It was very tough not having the extra bonus of caffeine from soda though, and I might have blown it with a sparkling water with sweetened lime juice.  I definitely blew it at my work’s baby shower… How quickly I had forgotten that punch includes ginger ale!

My serving sizes are fine, however I find myself reaching for seconds.  Then I finish the meal with cookies and/or ice cream.  And then there’s the snacking in the very late night hours.

I haven’t found a way to fit running into my Wren’s schedule yet.  However, we like to go for walks together, and that may be my only saving grace.  Despite not adhering to any of my strategies, I’ve still managed to lose ten pounds which means I’m over half-way to my target weight!

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