I just wanted to let you all know a few things that happened today. We did ask that the nurse who caused us grief not care for Wren again. This seemed to be the best course of action and it brought us peace.

I returned to the hospital again today unsure of what to expect.  The first nurse who greeted me thought I was bringing Wren home today.  Another nurse who started her shift later was surprised to see us still there as well.

Wren did just as well today as yesterday, and today’s nurses’ notes reflected this. I heard from another nurse that the primary doctor was not happy (I think the actual word used was “upset”) that Wren’s recovery was stalled over the weekend.

We still do not know when she will be allowed to come home, but we have peace knowing that she had another good day. Thank you all for your prayers and support always and especially at this time.

Overall, the nursing staff has been wonderful. I have enjoyed their company and welcomed their advice. I am starting to realize that I will miss having them within earshot to help me the next time I have something new and unexpected come up!

An Update


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