Pray for Wren

We got the phone call on the 14th that a birthmother had picked us. We met the birthmother on the 16th and following that awkward meeting we saw our daughter.

Her name, for purposes of this blog, is Wren. This beautiful girl was born on March 11th. We cannot imagine our lives without her already and we need your prayers.

She was born early. We are not able to discuss her condition which is keeping her in the hospital. (We knew what it was when we agreed to adopt her.) Every day since the 16th I have driven eighty miles to the hospital to hold her, sing to her, comfort her.

We have seen a remarkable improvement in her health. Strangers who see us in the hospital do not recognize she is an ill child. Nursing students included.

Tonight, we got some devastating news that will push back Wren’s release date to later this week (we had been hoping for tomorrow). The staff today did not seem confident in their assessment of her and we practically begged them to see the improvement in her. Their decision today means that she may not come home until Friday now. The baby’s social worker agreed with us which is what made this so much harder.

Please pray for the staff at the hospital to make wise decisions, for Okey and me to know they are doing what is best for our daughter and for the gaping emptiness we feel, and for Wren as it is hard for her to thrive in the hospital without dedicated caregivers.

Thanks and love to you all.


4 thoughts on “Pray for Wren

  1. It is remarkable the love we feel for Wren. I believe she is in our lives for as much reason as we are in hers.

    Please pray for her to continue having good days. Please pray for us…this is so difficult to process.

  2. Just saw this post. Sounds like you are so in love with your sweet daughter! We are praying for her health and for strength for you guys. Hope to hear news soon that you are all home together!


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