My Health Pledge for 2012

My company is sponsoring a Biggest Loser weight loss program, and so today I weighed myself for the first time in months. The news is bad. I weigh more than I have at any other point in my life.

That’s gotta change, now.

Despite eating eating relatively healthy (fast food free for nearly two years), I can still make dietary improvements.

  • I can reduce my serving size.
  • I can eliminate unnecessary snacking.
  • I can (and I mean it this time) stop drinking soda.

I can must also start exercising again. Here are my specific goals:

  • I will stick to a routine.
  • I will run in the 10K this year.
  • I will run under a ten minute mile. (Watch out, Lindy!)

My incentive is simple: I will not buy any clothes until I reach my goal which is twenty pounds less than where I am now.

That’s right… I want to, can, and will lose over 10% of my body weight…by June 2012.

Will you support me?


5 thoughts on “My Health Pledge for 2012

  1. I will support you in any goal to which you aspire, but I will tell you that when I saw you about a month ago I did not think you looked chubby. In fact you looked healthy enough that I think losing 20% of you body weight might be a bit drastic. Please don’t think I am being unsupportive. I know that if you want to lose that much you will definitely be able to do so. As you friend, I just want you to know that I am more excited about the fitness goals that involve achievement (ten minute mile, 10k race, etc.) than loss 😉

  2. Sure, I’ll support you. You may consider talking to your primary physician about your weight goals, too. I hear it’s a good idea before loosing lots of weight and after a couple tests for things like triglycerides and cholesterol, etc., the doctors can sometimes give better personal advice than most weight loss plans. Q’s doctor, for example, helped make him aware that most fruit juices have as much sugar as soda, as well as how other fairly healthy foods we ate all the time were problematic in excess.

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