Adoption: Still Waiting and Praying

No news is good news is how the saying goes.  I don’t have any news about the adoption — specifically the referral (when we’re connected to a birth mother) or the placement (when the child enters our home) — so why doesn’t that feel good?

Our first possibility of adopting a baby last fall didn’t end well.  We were honored to be recommended as possible adoptive parents for the young woman, but there weren’t any details that made it seem like a match.  Sadly, we learned that the woman lost the baby and our hearts are still sad for her and her family’s loss.

Our second possibility of adopting a baby had lots of details, yet it was not meant to be.

Our third possibility led to a very difficult decision in which we ultimately said no.  We were offered the opportunity to change the life of an infant who suffered a near death experience at 3 mos. It was unclear if her developmental delays were a result of said experience or her home environment.  What was more unclear was her prognosis.  It was without doubt that we could love this child with our whole hearts, but we have to make these decisions with our hearts and our brains.  We pray that this child will be placed in a home that is capable of caring for her.

We know that we just have to be patient for the right referral and placement.  I just hope we’ll know it when we see it.


Health Pledge Update: Overcoming the Cold Weather Oversight

I think I know why people break their New Year’s resolutions.  Because it is frrreeeeezing cold in January, that’s why!  So you should be proud of me because I actually have been doing really well keeping my health pledge.  I have not had any soda.  (Hip Hip Hooray!)  But I have to confess, I have not done any running (yet).  So, to make up for this cold weather oversight on my part, we have turned my mountain bike into an indoor exercise bike.  Here is how to do it:

You take one outdoor bike — in my case the Giant Boulder SE.

Change out the back tire to a skinny tire. (Ironically, my Specialized skinny tire is called a fatboy.)  If you have a road bike, your tire may be sufficiently skinny to fit into the trainer.

Place rear wheel in one CycleOps Magneto Trainer.

Place the front wheel on a CycleOps Climbing Riser.

And ride!

Here’s my actual set-up:

Since my last post, the scale and I have been going back and forth.  I dropped two pounds, gained one, lost four.  I am happy to say that I am no longer technically overweight. (Hip Hip Hooray!)  My next “Biggest Loser” weigh-in is on Thursday.

I do appreciate your concerns.  However, I do not feel that I am doing anything that I shouldn’t be doing anyway.  I am not exercising in excess — and I haven’t been eating chocolate in excess either.  I am keeping meat, vegetables and milkshakes (ok ok so I had one) in my diet.  My annual physical is coming up, and I will let the doctor know what I’ve been doing at that appointment.

My Health Pledge for 2012

My company is sponsoring a Biggest Loser weight loss program, and so today I weighed myself for the first time in months. The news is bad. I weigh more than I have at any other point in my life.

That’s gotta change, now.

Despite eating eating relatively healthy (fast food free for nearly two years), I can still make dietary improvements.

  • I can reduce my serving size.
  • I can eliminate unnecessary snacking.
  • I can (and I mean it this time) stop drinking soda.

I can must also start exercising again. Here are my specific goals:

  • I will stick to a routine.
  • I will run in the 10K this year.
  • I will run under a ten minute mile. (Watch out, Lindy!)

My incentive is simple: I will not buy any clothes until I reach my goal which is twenty pounds less than where I am now.

That’s right… I want to, can, and will lose over 10% of my body weight…by June 2012.

Will you support me?