I’ve been counting sheep

My mum and dad drove all the way from Ohio to ground me. (Me, a married 30-year old homeowner.)  My house hadn’t been kept to their standards.  My dad was also sponge painting the foyer with a loofa while I was stuck in my bedroom because he was tired of our white walls.

Oh, and then while enjoying a nice lunch at a restaurant with Okey, the manager sat down at our table and proceeded to eat everything on my plate after pushing me aside.  Then he was belligerent when I refused to pay for my meal.

A friend who is a professional photographer asked me to help shoot a wedding with her.  It wasn’t until I used up an entire memory card did I realize that every picture I took was worthless.  I hadn’t actually focused on anything because a particular setting on the lens was set to manual.

And then an anonymous reader commented that I needed to work on the introductions to my blog posts.  He didn’t like my writing style.  I considered never blogging again.

I’ve been having some strange dreams lately. How about you?


8 thoughts on “I’ve been counting sheep

  1. So, I guess I should have gathered from the title but I didn’t realize these were dreams till I read your last sentence. I was thinking that it all sounded strange and terrible so I am glad they were dreams! : )

  2. Yeah, I’m glad they were dreams. Otherwise, that would have been one really bad day/week.

    I often have strange dreams. “I had strange dreams” is one of my most frequent statements after I wake up, but I don’t remember them for very long after I wake up unless I write them down.

    • Do you find yourself remembering dreams at night? Some dream sequences that I’ve forgotten about from the previous night do come back to me as I start to drift off. I like to continue the good ones. 🙂

  3. Some crazy ones, like the one where my husband and I parachuted into a little town in the mountains and had to go door to door asking where the hospital was. No one would answer us because it was too late at night, but we were able to find the stable where Jesus was born and use that to deliver our baby there (yes, one baby in that dream). Two weeks ago I had a nightmare that the twins were born with reptilian skin, a rare birth defect in that dream. I was really upset upon waking from that one.
    I’ve also been talking in my sleep. Two weeks ago my husband asked me in the morning if I was able to get those people off my roof. I asked him if he was talking in his sleep and he said he was just asking me about my dream the night before.


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