adoption: the story behind the reality check

Two weeks ago on Monday, I did something that I hadn’t allowed myself to do since we were approved by the adoption agency.  I went online to look at baby registries for myself.

I didn’t get very far, because the phone rang.  It was the adoption agency telling met that there was a woman who was due the following week.  They wanted our permission to show her our profile because they felt the situation was unique.  I will spare the details, but the coincidences were amazing.  Okay, I can’t resist so here’s one detail.  This would be her sixth child, and I’m number six in my family.  (She is currently raising one of her children, having placed the other four up for adoption.)

After discussing the particulars, Okey and I said that we were open to letting the birthmother view our profile.  We prayed and we tried our best to guard our hearts.  They were only showing our profile after all, we hadn’t actually been selected.  However, we had the realisation that we could actually become parents.  That’s when the mild panic set in (see previous post).

Although we were excited at the prospect of having a baby to introduce to our families at Christmas, we learned today  that the birth mother has decided to raise this child herself.

Our simple prayer — which has been stickied to the fridge — was this:

Lord, we lift [this child] to You for safekeeping.
Lord, you know how to care for him.
Allow us to trust in your decision for him and for his mother(s).

We are happy for her that she is able to raise this child.  We’re okay without the (s).  We are considering what happened to be like a drill.  So when “the call” comes for real, we know we will be a little better prepared … even though I still actually haven’t started a baby registry.


5 thoughts on “adoption: the story behind the reality check

  1. Thanks for sharing all that you’re going through in this process of adoption. Our prayers are with you and we can’t wait to hear the news when the time comes and see pictures of Lizzie’s new second cousin! : )

  2. Wow! That would be challenging, to not know when you are expecting. It seems so exciting and challenging at the same time, though. Have fun making your registry! Q and I had fun first looking at a sample registry list, copying down the items we would actually realistically need in a city sized home, and then going into a store with the laser and comparing brands. The hard part is not buying the cute stuff ourselves right then and there…

    • I know! The only thing keeping me from buying a lot of clothes right now is not knowing what age the child will be during a particular season. It’s hard to pass on cute gender-neutral clothes…

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