adoption: reality check

You might be wondering where in the world Okey and Polly are since I haven’t posted in over a month.  Well, we might actually be in the last place you would expect us, which is to say, at home.

We’re not allowing ourselves a moment to rest, though. We are panicked (just a little) by the thought that we could have a baby at any time … so we’ve been very busy.

I’m proud to say that the baby’s room is coming together and that we have enough clothes and supplies for the initial few days.  I finally picked out the dresser and nightstand which Okey has assembled.

I’ve been knitting another sweater. I also have added knitted bibs and burp cloths to my growing collection of baby items.  Just tonight I finished the yellow hat.  I am proud to add backward knitting (instead of purling), intarsia and edging to my repertoire.

We’ve also been reading about what to expect during the first year.  We’re researching formulas.  We’ve even been discussing baby names.

The to-do list is still massive, but we actually feel ready.


3 thoughts on “adoption: reality check

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    • We met a family at church who only had three day’s notice and they weren’t even planning to adopt, so I guess all things considered, we are ready. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


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