I’ve been counting sheep

My mum and dad drove all the way from Ohio to ground me. (Me, a married 30-year old homeowner.)  My house hadn’t been kept to their standards.  My dad was also sponge painting the foyer with a loofa while I was stuck in my bedroom because he was tired of our white walls.

Oh, and then while enjoying a nice lunch at a restaurant with Okey, the manager sat down at our table and proceeded to eat everything on my plate after pushing me aside.  Then he was belligerent when I refused to pay for my meal.

A friend who is a professional photographer asked me to help shoot a wedding with her.  It wasn’t until I used up an entire memory card did I realize that every picture I took was worthless.  I hadn’t actually focused on anything because a particular setting on the lens was set to manual.

And then an anonymous reader commented that I needed to work on the introductions to my blog posts.  He didn’t like my writing style.  I considered never blogging again.

I’ve been having some strange dreams lately. How about you?


adoption: the story behind the reality check

Two weeks ago on Monday, I did something that I hadn’t allowed myself to do since we were approved by the adoption agency.  I went online to look at baby registries for myself.

I didn’t get very far, because the phone rang.  It was the adoption agency telling met that there was a woman who was due the following week.  They wanted our permission to show her our profile because they felt the situation was unique.  I will spare the details, but the coincidences were amazing.  Okay, I can’t resist so here’s one detail.  This would be her sixth child, and I’m number six in my family.  (She is currently raising one of her children, having placed the other four up for adoption.)

After discussing the particulars, Okey and I said that we were open to letting the birthmother view our profile.  We prayed and we tried our best to guard our hearts.  They were only showing our profile after all, we hadn’t actually been selected.  However, we had the realisation that we could actually become parents.  That’s when the mild panic set in (see previous post).

Although we were excited at the prospect of having a baby to introduce to our families at Christmas, we learned today  that the birth mother has decided to raise this child herself.

Our simple prayer — which has been stickied to the fridge — was this:

Lord, we lift [this child] to You for safekeeping.
Lord, you know how to care for him.
Allow us to trust in your decision for him and for his mother(s).

We are happy for her that she is able to raise this child.  We’re okay without the (s).  We are considering what happened to be like a drill.  So when “the call” comes for real, we know we will be a little better prepared … even though I still actually haven’t started a baby registry.

adoption: reality check

You might be wondering where in the world Okey and Polly are since I haven’t posted in over a month.  Well, we might actually be in the last place you would expect us, which is to say, at home.

We’re not allowing ourselves a moment to rest, though. We are panicked (just a little) by the thought that we could have a baby at any time … so we’ve been very busy.

I’m proud to say that the baby’s room is coming together and that we have enough clothes and supplies for the initial few days.  I finally picked out the dresser and nightstand which Okey has assembled.

I’ve been knitting another sweater. I also have added knitted bibs and burp cloths to my growing collection of baby items.  Just tonight I finished the yellow hat.  I am proud to add backward knitting (instead of purling), intarsia and edging to my repertoire.

We’ve also been reading about what to expect during the first year.  We’re researching formulas.  We’ve even been discussing baby names.

The to-do list is still massive, but we actually feel ready.