Search and Snap: Scavenger Hunts for the Digital Age

To call myself an amateur photographer is too much of a compliment.  I know a little bit about apertures and shutter speeds.  All I really know is that I like to take a lot of photos.  So in an effort to improve my photo taking skills I started following Digital Photography School and PhotoJojo.  I’ve gotten some really great inspiration from them over the past couple of years, and I would really recommend the budding photographer to check out their sites.

A while ago though, I was in a bit of a slump and wanting to take more photos so I started a group called Search and Snap with my friends.  This is a way for us to keep in touch despite the miles that separate us, and it’s been really fun learning new techniques together.  Search and Snap is a scavenger hunt for the digital age.  A list of items is posted, and then participants have of a set amount of time to take and submit their photographs.  My friends have even gotten their friends to play along, so we must be doing something right!

We’re nearing the end of our second year, and I thought that I would invite you to join us on this next assignment.  It starts tonight and lasts through the weekend.  This is probably the best assignment to start with because we’re putting our DSLRs aside, and we’re going to take photographs with nothing other than the camera found on our cell phones.

So please head over to and I hope that you will join us this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Search and Snap: Scavenger Hunts for the Digital Age

  1. I actually had to pass on this one because I’m still using a pre-paid cell phone that doesn’t have a plan that lets me send pictures from my phone. But it only costs me $8 a month. Half a year ago, I didn’t even have a phone with a camera at all. Yeah, I use an actual computer to do computer stuff.

    Maybe I’ll try to get onto the next one if I can. 😉

    • Cell phones generally include cables to connect to computers. Sorry it didn’t work out this time. I thought it would be fun this go round. It will not be the norm. Hope to see you on the next one!


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