sneak peak

The weekend has started, and I won’t have time to continue sewing.  But before I run off on another adventure, I wanted to share what I’ve been working on.

I had discovered Spoonflower a few weeks ago.  Spoonflower is a textile manufacturer that imprints custom designs on fabrics.  Thankfully, I can also purchase fabric with designs made by people far more talented then me.  I just love SewPenelope‘s work, especially her elephants.

Alas, I cannot justify spending roughly $20 a yard on fabric, no matter how beautiful or perfect it would be for the room.  So I ran off to Jo-Ann’s a few weeks ago and found a delightful (and inexpensive) fabric that I can use for the baby’s room.  Here’s a sneak peak of the room:

I think the colors are going to be close enough to the other elephant prints that I might be able to buy a yard or so to use for accenting. <big grin>

Okey shared his opinion with me about the fabric, and I would like to know what your impression is of the fabric I bought.  I think nearly all of my readers are women, so this poll might be biased, but please go ahead and tell me what gender you think of with this fabric that I purchased.

PS Have a great weekend everyone.  See you next week!


One thought on “sneak peak

  1. Well, I see that I am not alone although I am in the minority. I will still move forward with my project. If I end up with a boy, then I may have a gift for someone else who is expecting a girl.


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