my dc earthquake story

Trust me, the title is as exciting as this story is going to get.

Mineral, VA — the epicenter of the DC earthquake– is about 60 miles from my house.  I was driving home on I-95 at the time, and I heard Kojo Nnamdi on the radio exclaiming about something and then I heard the rattling in his studio.

As I pulled into my neighborhood, I saw every neighbor that was home standing outside so I knew there must have been an earthquake.  The animals did not seem very agitated when I got into the house.  The only evidence that there was an earthquake at all are the skewed photos on my walls.  Thankfully, nothing fell.

My brother in Virginia Beach said that he felt two distinct shockwaves.  My dad in Ohio said he felt the quake there.  News reports said that even people up in Canada felt the 5.8 earthquake.

Not me, though.  Okey didn’t feel the earthquake either.  He’s in California.

How about you?  Did you feel anything?

4 thoughts on “my dc earthquake story

  1. In Raleigh NC I felt the quake. It woke me up from a nap, so I was not coherent enough to figure out what was going on. In slight annoyance I checked my phone on the table to make sure it was not ringing on vibrate setting and I looked out the window to see if there was any demolition going on outside. It didn’t last long and I went back to sleep rather than getting up to investigate. Later, in line at the bank, someone asked me if I noticed the earthquake and I realized that I had noticed it but not placed what it was. I’m a little disappointed to have “missed” my first earthquake experience.

  2. That’s a cute story! I was in Philadelphia on the 4th floor of my building at work. I had finished my work for the day and was ready to go home and was just shooting the breeze with a colleague when I felt the building sway. We looked at each other. I said, “That can’t be…” She said, “They’ve been doing a bunch of construction on the 3rd floor.” I said, “That makes sense, but they’d better be careful if they are shaking the whole building.” And then satisfied with our conclusions, we continued our previous conversation where we had left off. A few minutes later I left to go home, saw a bunch of people outside, overheard the word “earthquake,” asked someone about it, and then had it confirmed on the radio.
    This wasn’t my first earthquake, however. I’m told I was in an earthquake while in a boat on Lake Michigan as a baby. Also, Lima, Peru, experienced frequent quakes of very small proportions, so I felt at least 2 or 3 tiny shakes while I was there.

    • I find it interesting how many people had to be told, or reassured, by the news that they had experienced an earthquake. (I count myself among that number.) That just goes to show how rare they are here on the East Coast!


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