A few months ago, while waiting to get my hippy car inspected, I pulled out some needles and leftover yarn in my purse and started to knit.  I didn’t have a pattern, I didn’t know what I was making, but I felt the urge to knit.

I kept adding rows to this project and then the project started to take shape:  a burp cloth!

This is the first thing I have made for my future little one.  I am excited to make more so I took my sewing machine out of the laundry room.  Rather than taking it out when I need to use it, I have decided to give it a home in the tv room.  (Side note:  It’s sitting on a desk that my dad and I made together ten years ago. :))

I know the first two things that I want to make on it are a window valance and a matching bedskirt for the crib.  So without further ado, I’m going to take a ride to Jo-Ann’s in my hippy car to see what fun fabrics await me there.


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