baby room: installment #2

Today we assembled the crib from Pottery Barn.  The room is almost complete.

The wall accessories are leftover from Okey’s office.  I think they work perfectly with the new arrangement, and we didn’t have to move them even an inch!

The queen anne chair is there temporarily as a place holder for the rocking chair.  To the right of the crib we are going to put the diaper changing station.  We are going to look for an unfinished piece and will either stain it to match the rocking chair or perhaps yellow to add a little color to the room.

The corduroy fabric is removable if I need to clean a stain.  (Although one would have to tear the whole crib apart to get to it.)

There are still a million more things to be done and accessories to be bought, but as the approval process nears and the prospect of a baby entering our lives at any moment becomes real, it’s great knowing that we have this amazing room ready.


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