baby room: installment #1

“What theme have you picked for the baby’s room?” my mother-in-law inquired a couple of months ago.  I was embarrassed to say I hadn’t given much thought to it.  I hadn’t wanted to get too emotionally invested until we were actually approved by the adoption agency.  But she was right, we were getting closer to the approval stage and we should start planning.  At her urging, we went online to look at baby room designs at Babies’R’Us.   I narrowed it down to elephants, frogs and robots.  Maybe birds.

Okey and I have bird and frog tchotchkes throughout our home, so we thought that would be the simplest thing to decorate with.  However, birds do not really hold a personal meaning to us.  Conversely, frogs are too personal to me. Robots are likewise personal to the computer engineer that is my husband.  My mother added, they are not gender neutral.  (I begged to disagree, but I did remove them from consideration.)  So that left us with elephants.

The more we thought about elephants, I knew that this was something that would work wonderfully.  I grew up reading and watching Babar (whose story has kept up with the times having been printed, televised and internetted — yes, I know I made up a word).  Elephants are intelligent and have a wonderful memory.  Plus, the gestational period of an elephant is 22 months.  We have been waiting a long time to start our family, so that fact just made elephants perfect for our future child.

Last Saturday, Okey and I went in search of our inspiration piece.  We found this receiving blanket set at Target and fell in love with it!  (It has elephants and frogs!)

I am worried that the colors are masculine, but we are embracing the green, yellow, and brown.  The walls for the baby room will be Valspar’s Meadow Wind (second paint card from the left).  We have not specified the gender for our future child which is why we’re trying to keep everything neutral.

As you can see here, my loving Okey has been busy priming and painting.  We should be able to start assembling the crib tomorrow.  I cannot wait to assemble this amazing crib which was a gift from Okey’s parents.  (Do you get the feeling they want more grandchildren?)



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