my kind of brown

One year ago today, Jenna and I found ourselves at the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, CA.  I ordered their flight of samples and was very impressed with what was brought out to me.  The Downtown Brown was a good ale, and stood out from everything else on the table that day.  So, in memory of my amazing road trip last year which started this blog, and in honor of of the gold medal it earned at the San Diego International Beer Festival & Competition last month, I raise my pint glass filled with Lost Coast’s Downtown Brown to you, my readers.

I think that the Downtown Beer is my favourite all-around beer because of the sentimental value that I have attached to it.  The Lost Coast Brewery was the first craft brewery I ever visited.  This was the first sample flight of beer I ever ordered by myself.  I was with a non-drinker, so I was left to my own devices to determine what beers I liked without anyone jumping in and giving his (valuable and sound) opinion.  (I love you, dear!)  And, it was such an amazing vacation.

Are there any drinks or foods that you enjoy simply because of your first enounter with it?  Please share. 


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