my cherry-lime flavored watermelon jell-o mould

About a year ago when I started to really get into knitting, I went to my television’s DVR menu to search for any and every knitting show to record. That’s how I discovered Brett Bara, the host of Knit and Crochet Now.  Then, through the powers of the Internet, I found her crafty blog and started following her tweets.  And this, my friends, is how I discovered how to make a really cool Jell-o mould.

Here’s Brett’s inspiring video:

Here’s my finished project as a result of that video:

Brett uses sour cream to create the cool looking solid layers.  Being improvisational as I am (i.e., lazy), I used yoghurt instead with excellent results!  I used just plain yoghurt for the bottom of the cherry (red) layer.  And I actually had blended lime yoghurt in my fridge which paired really well with the lime Jell-o packet.  (I couldn’t have planned this out any better… had I actually done any planning!)

Brett also uses a bundt pan which is super duper cool looking.  Being improvisational as I am (i.e., cheap), I used just a plain mixing bowl to achieve (nearly) the same success!

(Additionally, I used Crisco instead of Pam for the same un-sticking affect, and that was me being truly improvisational.)

This watermelon looking Jell-o mould was a real success at my Fourth of July gathering. I will definitely make this again for my next party and perhaps I will adhere to the recipe a little better.

PS  Make sure to head over to Brett’s blog and check out her amazing bubbly Jell-o moulds.  I haven’t seen her post a recipe for those yet, so I may just have to improvise that one altogether!


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