another gardening update

An image such as this hydrangea in mid-bloom is what makes gardening so satisfying for me.  The other plants look much the same right now, so this will be an image light gardening post.

One of the three unknown hops has surpassed the cascade.  Of the four varieties of hops we have, we only can identify the cascade.  This unknown vine has shot up past ten feet, up to 123″ to be precise.

My blueberries and strawberries from last year have been doing tremendously well in Virginia’s humid climate.  From our small plants, we have been harvesting two nice sized strawberries a day.  The first few we had eaten were really tart, but they are coming into their own now.  This plant will likely keep self propagating so maybe we’ll have more to share next year.  (We had bought two last year, and now we have three. Perplexing, isn’t it?)  Alas, we will have a couple of more months until we can harvest the blueberries.

I have about given up hope on my cotton.  I will continue to faithfully water them, but I’m afraid the seedlings weren’t given the appropriate care while I was in Chicago.

I have about figured out my garden layout and will be putting many of my container plants into the ground.  As much as I have enjoyed container gardening, I think my plants are outgrowing their pots and will do better in the ground.  The hops and strawberries will remain in their containers for now, though.

Oh! I’ve found a frog in the backyard.  He seems to have made a home back here (which I think is strange because we’re not near water), and I’ve spotted him often.  He hasn’t let me take a picture of him yet, but I’m hopeful to capture him on”film” soon enough.  Assuming he doesn’t reproduce en masse, I think this will be good for my garden.  If he does choose to continue living here, I think I may name him “Tobacco” since he’ll be earning his keep as an insect eater.

Our gentle mutt has paid the frog no attention.  She’s just so good natured though it’s to be expected.  Here she is with a friend she made at the farm two summers ago.

As this summer has come early, I find that I cannot bear to do manual labor outside past half an hour.  With this 90 degree weather, it is the first time I’ve ever been thankful that I have such a small yard.  I was wondering if any of you have tips you can share about keeping cool?


4 thoughts on “another gardening update

  1. Precious photo of Susie and the frog. Of my two dogs, one would make a snack of him, and the other would run in the opposite direction with tail between his legs. Hope the garden continues to do well amidst this crazy heat. Any news on the AHA results for the Scotch Ale?

    • Crazy heat indeed! I’m actually drinking Port City’s Wit; that’s how hot it is. I am going to try your watermelon trick this weekend when my in-laws come back.

      Thanks for asking about his beer! It gets judged on the 18th. The results are supposed to be live broadcasted. 🙂

  2. Maybe he’s a toad instead of a frog? Toads like it more dry. We had some living around the water hose in our yard last year. I think they liked the occasional drip. Sorry to hear about the cotton. I was looking forward to hearing how it did. Maybe next year.


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