news about virginia gold

Yesterday, I noticed the first sign of growth from the tobacco seeds I started on March 1st.  Yes, finally, growth!  It only took 48 days to sprout just one seed so I am curious to see if any others will sprout, and if my newer batch will yield anything as well.

The poppies have grown too large for their starting containers so I moved them outside last week.  I have read that these plants are fragile and do not transport well.  I don’t know where I want them yet so they are in another temporary container.  They seem to be doing well today.

I will attempt to germinate my cotton and flax seeds next week.  These are the ones I really care about; the tobacco and poppy seeds have been practice.  I’m really having a lot of fun with all of my plants so far this year, but I really am looking to when it’s harvest time.

Other updates from the garden:  The hops are two inches shy of being seven feet tall.  (That was yesterday, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they have made it to seven feet as I am typing this.)  There’s a little bit of new growth on my grapevines.  Finally, the strawberries look great!


2 thoughts on “news about virginia gold

  1. Hi Polly,

    Our hops are taking off too, but I don’t think they’re half way to the 7 ft mark, so that’s pretty impressive. I’m curious what your plans are for the tobacco, cotton and flax. With the weather so cold and/or wet, we haven’t gotten out to till the garden yet, but very soon. Happy spring!


    • I’ve just come in from re-measuring the hops. The cascade is the only variety we can identify, and it measures at 83″ today. The tags for the other hops were lost when they were replanted, and we will make a guess as to what the varieties they are later this summer. The cascade and one other are really shooting up quickly. They seem to do well in the wet spring months; they also get full sunlight. The other two are just chilling and laying low. I measured the smallest one at 47″.

      I plan to spin my own yarn with the fibers collected from the cotton and flax. (Am I crazy?)

      The tobacco was given to me by a friend who is growing them for her husband to smoke. She had extra seeds and mailed them my way. I’ve read that they are good bug repellants for gardens, a natural insecticide if you will, and can be found in weaver’s gardens. My friend tells me that they are beautiful, ornamental plants. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

      I hope that you can start your garden soon. It’s a very satisfying hobby.


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