news about poppy

There’s hope yet for my little garden. The poppy seeds have germinated in four days! Here’s proof:

Other updates from the garden: The tulips are finally blooming. The geraniums are potted. Lastly, the cascade hops are 43″ tall!


One thought on “news about poppy

  1. You’re sprouting so many things… I approve, of course. So am I. I’ve got a couple kinds of basil, cilantro, catnip I think, lavender I hope, two kinds of peppers, two kinds of tomatoes, and Virginia Gold sprouted in the filter building at work. I just planted nasturtium seeds and a rosemary plant in the yard. I’ve ordered some zinnia and castor bean seeds. I have two baby caladiums (caladia?) waiting to go in the ground as well. We are both going for a high quality garden in a very small space.


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