(no) news about virginia gold

Today is day 37 in my attempt to germinate tobacco seeds.  While most people might have given up around 28 days, I’m still going.  I refuse to give up.  With that said, however, I have started another batch of seeds.

Things I did with batch #1:

  1. Used an open container
  2. Spritzed twice a day
  3. Waited

Things I’ll do with batch #2:

  1. Use a closed container
  2. Spritz twice a day
  3. Wait

I suspect that my soil dried out too quickly for the seeds to remain moist.  I also believe that they fell into the soil and consequently didn’t get adequate sunlight.  I’m hoping that with this warmer weather upon us the seeds will react kindly to germination and sprout soon.

Other updates from the garden:   The tiger lilies are up.  The strawberries are blossoming.  The hops are 35″ tall. Lastly, I’m attempting to germinate some poppy seeds the state of California gave me!


One thought on “(no) news about virginia gold

  1. I think the problem may be that you covered the seeds. I’m pretty I read somewhere to put them on the surface because they need light to germinate. I did not cover mine and the eventually did germinate, but man were they small. They are up but still small. I don’t know how long it will be before they are big enough to transplant. Sigh…


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