local re-exploration: US National Arboretum

After watching my yard to come to life (my hops are growing inches a day), Susie, a love frog for the Search and Snap photo hunt, and I drove back to the US National Arboretum hoping to see plenty of blooms and blossoms.

I went first to the azalea garden and found many collections starting to bud, but only found a few had flowers.

The boxwood in the Morrison garden was perfectly manicured.  I found myself being drawn back there throughout the day.

We walked a short distance from the azalea garden and found a monument dedicated to the National Grove of State Trees.

Each state’s trees were planted throughout the area.

I was excited to see California’s plaque:

and Virginia’s plaque:

but I wasn’t very pleased when I saw West Virginia’s plaque:

I painstakingly found each tree.  Virginia’s dogwood was right there, but like most other things in the park, it wasn’t flowering.

It took me several tries to find the right sugar maple.

I spotted the “giant” sequoia from afar,

and I wondered how come that tree was chosen over the more majestic redwood.

(I’m sorry for the large image, but I assure you this is just half the full picture.  And, no, this tree wasn’t at the park.  It’s located in Humboldt Redwoods State Park.)

I look forward to returning to the park in a few weeks to see what’ll be blooming then!



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