ken jennings made my day

It’s been my secret desire to be tweeted by a celebrity.  I had high hopes that it would be Simon Pegg or perhaps Joel McHale.  Never did I imagine that Ken Jennings would be my first.

While I am slightly embarrassed over the topic of “conversation” I had with Ken Jennings, it won’t stop me from sharing the Google results that were uncovered today.  “Foot fetish” returns 13.7 million hits, and “nose fetish” isn’t too far behind at 12.2 million hits.  (A Google search for the general term fetish returns over 147 million hits.)

It was a nice relief to see other responses on Twitter that indicated that, um, I’m not the only one that prefers noses.

Well, which do you think is sexier?  Noses or toes? Oh, and which celebrity would you ever like to make contact with?


One thought on “ken jennings made my day

  1. That’s wild! I’m sorry, I don’t have a thing for either the nose or the toes. I’m interested in eyes, and also looking at ears. (I have such big elf ones with nice earring lobes, and some people have such tiny ones or no external lobes… it’s just fascinating.)

    I don’t tweet. But, I wouldn’t mind if one of my favorite author made contact, though actually, most of them are dead, so that would be freaky. I guess I would be very pleased to hear from Denise Giardina or Garrison Keillor, and amused to hear from Stephanie Myer or J.K Rowling. I’d be thrilled to hear from singers KT Tunstall, Brandi Carlile, or Grace Potter. An oh, if Anna Torv or Joshua Jackson from Fringe responded to something I said, I guess that would make my day.


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