spring waits for no robin

I have yet to see my first robin of the year, but still I know that Spring is coming.  A quick glance at my outdoor plants will tell you that they are ever hopeful that snow and frost are behind us.  All of the outdoor plants (except the basil) have survived our mild Virginian winter, and new growth on nearly all of them is very evident.

Not pictured but not any less loved:  Concorde Grape Vines, White Carpet Rose Bush, Azaleas


4 thoughts on “spring waits for no robin

  1. Love your photos. I’m a gardener too. In fact, we have hop vines growing in the side of our shed. Perhaps something to consider for your homebrewing husband.

  2. I took a photo of one, but we are growing four varieties: Cascade, Magnum, Kent Goldings, and Chinook. They reach up to our third story! We harvest about six ounces total (when dried). We can offer you some rhizomes, if you’d like, but the only one to which we can guarantee the type is Cascade, hehe.

  3. Great pics, Polly. We left our rosemary and lavendar at the last house, which was disappointing. However, some previous resident here left flox, irises, and daffodils for me.

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