my tea party

I had decided to invite the ladies from my church and a few neighbors to my home for an afternoon of tea.  I had never hosted an event for all of the ladies nor had I ever hosted a tea, so I was really excited about the planning and preparations.  Okey’s mother had given me her silver tea set (shown below) a long time ago, and I was really excited to finally put it to use.  I also was happy to entertain with Okey’s cast iron pot (also shown below).

I decided to not overcook as I did not want to be wasteful nor spend more time than necessary in the kitchen.  My menu for the afternoon consisted of chocolate chip cookies, cucumber sandwiches, lemon cake with homemade frosting, scones and fresh grapes.  I offered Wegman’s Jasmine Pearl (a green tea) and Yerba Maté (an herbal tea) as well as some good ol’ Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

After reviewing dozens of websites about tea, and what to serve at a tea, I decided that this would be an American tea.  In other words, I didn’t like most of their suggestions.  Their cucumber sandwiches consisting of crustless white bread with butter, mayonnaise and cucumbers just looked so bland.  So I had cut a baguette into small pieces which I buttered (a tip I learned to keep the bread from getting moist from the cucumber), then I added a thin sliced cucumber, and topped it with a cream cheese/dill combination.  It was refreshingly light and (I thought) visually appetizing.

The one recipe I didn’t alter very much was the one for scones.  I really enjoyed Betty Crocker’s simple dried currant cherry scone’s ease and simplicity. I can’t believe I’ve never made scones before.  I am going to add this recipe into my rotation; it’s that delightful.  (Unfortunately, I cannot find the exact recipe on Betty’s website, and the copyright prohibits me from sharing it here.  I am so sorry to be tempting you, so here is a link to a very similar recipe for scones.  Simply omit the vanilla and add half a cup of whatever dried fruit you desire.  Half and half can also work in lieu of heavy whipping cream.  ;))

Betty also has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve ever used.  I’d be remiss not to share it here.

I had a wonderful time with the dear ladies and would love to host another tea again soon.


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