here lies virginia gold

Today I put Virginia Gold in the dirt.  Not six feet under though, just under the surface.  You see, Virginia Gold is the name of a type of tobacco plant.

My friend Sarah mailed me some of her seeds.  Even though she warned me that they were really tiny, I was not prepared for how tiny they actually were.  I had to use a spoon to get them out of the little bag and then use a piece of paper to sow them.

…one teaspoon of tobacco seed is enough to grow six acres of tobacco.

That’s according to the Gardening Guide’s article about Growing Tobacco, An Old Tradition.  I would take a picture for you but it would just look like dust or dark dandruff.

I estimate that I planted 24 or so despite my efforts to not overwhelm my improvised seed starter… a repurposed egg carton!  Having to keep the soil moist, I will be able to watch out to make sure the young plants won’t strangle themselves.

This variety from germinates in 7-28 days.  I don’t ever remember starting anything from seed before so I will be very curious to see how they develop.  I probably have another 30 seeds to try again if this batch fails…  But if all of these sprout, I know I can give them to some people for their gardens.

I’m not a smoker and neither is Okey, so why am I growing tobacco?  Well, I like to try new things.  The idea of taking part in an old Virginian tradition intrigues me.  I’m also told that this a pretty ornamental plant.

Here is another  how-to on growing tobacco:

I am still waiting for my cotton and flax seeds to come.  The knitter inside of me is much more excited about starting those.


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