Over breakfast, Okey and I plotted our day. He so gallantly offered to clean up the house (and even vacuum the stairs!) while I would be busy in the kitchen. I had written the main meals on a post-it note earlier this week: Italian wedding soup and pizza. I had been playing with the following sides: fruit salad, veggie tray, spinach dip, cookies, butterscotch pie, lemon cake and frosting, rolls. He encouraged me to drop a few items. I chose to drop the pizza. He asked me to drop the cookies and a dessert. I refused. He asked me how long I thought it would take to prepare this meal for six guests. I said three hours.

My coworker J put in his two-weeks notice a couple of weeks ago. While it’s sad to see a good coworker and friend leave the company, at least it’s for better pastures closer to his home. I offered to throw him a farewell party, and it was a good opportunity for him to meet a fellow geek (Okey) and for some other coworkers to come down for a night off.

Well, it was a good thing that I started the prep work at noon. I knew I had to start the butterscotch pie as soon as possible allowing it ample time to cool. Likewise, I started the ice tea. Then I baked the cake, a simple box mix to which I added poppy seeds and made homemade lemon frosting. Then I thought I should prep the veggie tray, but then I found ingredients for the italian wedding soup and remembered that should be allowed time to cook in a crockpot. It was my first venture into soy sausage. Although none of my guests are vegetarian, it was easier to prepare meals this way than to get in and out of the local halal market. I mixed an egg with the “sausage” and then pan fried them as meatballs seasoning some onions and celery in there. I stopped paying attention to the recipe at that point, but having added dentali pasta, basil and spinach plus carrots, I feel that my soup was still spot on.

Then I started my spinach dip which consists of one block of frozen spinach (slightly thawed), one block of pepper jack, one block of cream cheese, approximately two tablespoons of butter, a good dose of worcestire (wooster!) sauce, a few drops of hot sauce, heavy cream and fresh ground pepper and salt to taste. Mmm.

Um, so then I assembled the veggie tray. Then I made the fruit salad. Adding some canned pineapple to it is my new favourite thing. Then I started to heat up the rolls that I purchased at Wegman’s. (Purchasing the rolls was another Okey suggestion.)

So I finished at four thirty, well over the time I had planned for. It was all worth it. It was wonderful to spend the time with J and his girlfriend. It was nice to meet my other coworkers’ wives. We had a good time eating food and playing Cranium Pop Culture. I am thankful for a supportive husband who helps me plan things and see them through to fruition.

Our new “endeavor” is going to take time. Six months to two years. It could even take longer than I think it will. It will depend on our ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner. And then will come the waiting. It will be out of our hands. It will be exciting.


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