knitter’s confession

I resolved myself to finish some projects I already started after the fun hat break. However…

I finished that book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and was devastated to learn in the last five pages none-the-less that I will not be able to block the table runner I am knitting for Jenna. The yarn I’m using is a 60% cotton and 40% acrylic blend… and the acrylic is the culprit. It is synthetic and will melt. (Duh!) So while I figure out if I want to tear out hours of work to repurpose the yarn, or if determine that the curling edges are acceptable…

I picked up my cable throw project. I got bored after five rows and remembered why I had put it down. I’m very slow at seed stitching. I told myself I would work on it later this week. That is until…

I got an invitation to a baby shower! I am ready to graduate from bibs, so I am drooling over the possibilities in my books. Oh, I am torn between making a lace receiving blanket (not made of acrylic, of course) or maybe a hat and sweater set? I’ve got one month to knit and no travel plans to impede the knitting schedule, so I think I’ll aim for the moon!


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