an unexpected extended weekend in chicago

I had the great joy to fly to Chicago to assist my sister Marji in trying on potential wedding dresses.  Her wedding is in June, and we are blessed to have a beautifully talented sister, X, who is going to actually make the dress for Marji.  We visited three boutiques and viewed many, many dresses.  She was able to tune down to what she wanted, but we’re still going over the details.

Marji, Me, Ling Ling & X

I had a wonderful time catching up with dear, sweet souls at Moody Memorial Church and again over brunch across the street at Elly’s Pancake House.  I was shocked to get the phone call on the way back to the apartment to retrieve my suitcase that my flight home was cancelled as the airplane was “out of service.”  I have been rebooked to fly home very early tomorrow morning as every other flight was sold out.  We spent the rest of the day going over more details and reviewing bridesmaid (or is it bridesmatron?) dresses online.

There is just so much to plan for and do, so every minute with the bride counts.


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