an extended weekend in the snow

The Ferber clan rents a cabin in Canaan Valley every year.  We had gone a few years ago, but due to the rain, we were forced to stay indoors the entire time.  We were honored to return this past holiday weekend especially after a fresh layering of snow. It took us one hour and fifty minutes to trek across approximately 1.5 miles on three feet of snow and an 1100 foot or so change in elevation on our snowshoes.  The trip down the mountain only took 30 minutes.

Here are some photos from the view from Bald Knob in Canaan Valley.  You can see it was worth the trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a well-deserved sampling of beers at Blackwater Brewing Company in Davis, West Virginia.  The ales were good and marzen was exceptional.  We bought a growler for Cherokee’s birthday present (as her ascot isn’t going to be done for a while) and are glad to have started a new growler tradition with the Ferber clan.



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