how to brew the okey way (the rest of the story)

You might remember I started a post about brewing beer and that it kind of ended right where it started. I love home brewed beer more, I love my husband, I don’t love documenting it.

I had taken a few more pictures and I was going to post follow up articles on how to brew, but I got bored and gave up. Well, now I should mention a couple of things that go in hand with that brewing post, so here they are:

1. Okey submitted the beer from that batch in his local club’s pale ale competition and got first place out of seven submissions. His club chose his beer to recognize them on a national level. (Way to go, Okey!)

2. Okey knows how much fun I have as a “blogger” where I write about the things I like or catch my fancy. Well, he’s decided to launch his on blog. So for the rest of the story about how to brew … head on over to

He bought me a Rogue kit and sometime next month he is going to teach me how to brew. Yes, I will actually brew! Maybe I’ll blog about it, too. 😉


an unexpected extended weekend in chicago

I had the great joy to fly to Chicago to assist my sister Marji in trying on potential wedding dresses.  Her wedding is in June, and we are blessed to have a beautifully talented sister, X, who is going to actually make the dress for Marji.  We visited three boutiques and viewed many, many dresses.  She was able to tune down to what she wanted, but we’re still going over the details.

Marji, Me, Ling Ling & X

I had a wonderful time catching up with dear, sweet souls at Moody Memorial Church and again over brunch across the street at Elly’s Pancake House.  I was shocked to get the phone call on the way back to the apartment to retrieve my suitcase that my flight home was cancelled as the airplane was “out of service.”  I have been rebooked to fly home very early tomorrow morning as every other flight was sold out.  We spent the rest of the day going over more details and reviewing bridesmaid (or is it bridesmatron?) dresses online.

There is just so much to plan for and do, so every minute with the bride counts.

an extended weekend in the snow

The Ferber clan rents a cabin in Canaan Valley every year.  We had gone a few years ago, but due to the rain, we were forced to stay indoors the entire time.  We were honored to return this past holiday weekend especially after a fresh layering of snow. It took us one hour and fifty minutes to trek across approximately 1.5 miles on three feet of snow and an 1100 foot or so change in elevation on our snowshoes.  The trip down the mountain only took 30 minutes.

Here are some photos from the view from Bald Knob in Canaan Valley.  You can see it was worth the trip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to a well-deserved sampling of beers at Blackwater Brewing Company in Davis, West Virginia.  The ales were good and marzen was exceptional.  We bought a growler for Cherokee’s birthday present (as her ascot isn’t going to be done for a while) and are glad to have started a new growler tradition with the Ferber clan.


kitchen status update

This morning I have been quite busy baking all sorts of bread for our friends. One loaf is your basic white bread but with rosemary and oregano herbs rolled in.  Another white bread loaf has torn sun dried tomatoes with thyme herbs rolled in.  The third loaf I made was supposed to be a whole wheat, raisin and walnut bread, but I got carried away.  This is now a hardy whole wheat and rye bread containing cinnamon with a dash of cloves, walnuts and almonds, raisins of course, and sunflower seeds.  Yep, hardy seems to be the right adjective.

“Now is when you regret all those holiday cookies”

Do you know those Special K commercials where the woman is mistaken by her kid for being Santa Claus?

Well, I have a similar story of holiday pudge.  Last night was the first time ever in my life I was asked if I was pregnant.

So now is when I regret eating all of those holiday cookies, cakes, pies, cupcakes, ice creams, and fudge.  I already eat Special K, so I actually need to exercise if I want to lose the little extra weight I’ve just gained.  Not only will I run one race each month this year, but I will actually work on beating my previous times.  And maybe I’ll cut back on the milkshakes.