100,000 miles (and counting)

My Prius (whose name is Alice, by the way) and I have accomplished a lot together.  This weekend, she brought Okey and me down to Richmond where we had a brewery tour, explored UpTown, and met up with family for dinner.  It was on the journey down to Richmond where we hit a big milestone:  100K.

My brother and I had agreed to meet at Legend Brewery later in the day, but that didn’t stop Okey and me from arriving hours early to take advantage of the 1:00 tour.  The brewer PJ was our guide.  He was very informative and was willing to answer a range of questions about beermaking and the brewery itself.  The brewery opened in the mid 1990s and keeps increasing its production.  This year along they have produced over 10,000 barrels of beer, nearly doubling what they accomplished last year.

I didn’t feel the need to get a sampling of their beers as we are able to purchase them at our local grocery store.  We did try their seasonal beers, the chocolate porter and the tripel, which were done very well.  Interesting tidbit:  the mineral composition of the James River is similar to the water found in Munich, so Legend Brewery is able to create the German-style beers quite well.

We enjoyed our driving tour around Richmond going up and down Cary St., Main St. and Belvidere St.  Even though it was a Saturday, it was difficult to find parking so we didn’t get a chance to walk around downtown.  We managed to find our way to the Carillon, Richmond’s World War One Memorial.  It is a beautiful monument.

The hybrid’s warranty is now expired, but that won’t keep me from driving around Virginia (and to points beyond).  I would actually love to go back to Richmond and get to explore the city.  Maybe with a little more planning, I can find a city guide who can point out all the bits of its important history.


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