2010 races in review

This past Sunday marked my fifth race in my first year ever of running.  I am very excited about what I’ve accomplished.  I never thought that I would be able to run a mile, let alone just over three, without stopping.


1 5/15/10 Falcon 5K Dale City, VA 37:01
2 7/11/10 Rainbow Falls 5K San Francisco, CA 31:04
3 7/23/10 Crystal City Twilight 5K Arlington, VA 37:44
4 12/5/10 South Berkeley Christmas Parade 5K Inwood, WV 33:30*
1 6/19/10 Clarksburg 2 Mile Clarksburg, WV 21:02

* Unofficial

This means that I have raced a (small) total of 14.4 miles in 2 hours 40 minutes and 21 seconds.  My average pace is 11:13.  My best pace was 9:59, and my worst was 12:09.

I have raced on the East and West coasts.  I have raced flat routes and hilly ones.  I have raced in the 100 degree heat of summer and the first flurry of winter.

I see lots of room for improvement, and so I look forward to breaking all my records next year with the help of my new running partner pictured below.


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