today i will knit

My attempts to organize my knitting are starting to unravel.  As I was cleaning the house this morning, I found a bib in the foyer, a bib above the entertainment center, and a bib on the wine rack in the dining room.  (I don’t know why I specified where the wine rack was as I only have the one…)

When people learn that I have been knitting bibs, they assume the worst.  Er, they assume that I am expecting.  Alas, I’m just trying to give thoughtful, inexpensive, made-with-love presents to the multitude of expecting or new moms in my life right now.

Thankfully, my knitting speed has increased.  In the summer it took me close to eight hours to complete one garter-stitch bib.  I was ecstatic when it took me five hours.  Now, I can get the job done in three hours.

My goal today is to finish a few more bibs and maybe complete a couple of sets.  I know I have a few just laying around the house waiting to be buttoned, and there should are a few more in my finished bin, so I’m not too overwhelmed by the task at hand.


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