I love my ’05 Salsa Pearl Toyota Prius, and I love the 58.3 MPG I get on road trips.  This car takes me everywhere — work and back home & to family and friends.  I just love it.  What I don’t love is the little problems that always seem to pop up after a long road trip… and the horrible design flaws that keeps me from fixing it myself.

Last year, my 12 volt battery died and I locked my keys in my car.  Unfortunately, the battery is in the back, nearly impossible to get to, precariously perched next to the brake light wires.  Only a dealer could correctly replace it.

This year, it’s a head light that got burned out.  Instructions for changing the headlights in my car are printed on THREE PAGES in my manual.  I set out to change the bulb today, but I couldn’t do it.  I had to ask a Good Samaritan for assistance, but even he couldn’t do it!  I found some more detailed instructions after some googling so I am apt to try this again before I go grovelling to the dealer.

What’s the most difficult thing you’ve had to fix on your car that should have been easy?


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  1. Well, somehow one of the plastic covers of the fog lamp got cracked. State inspection requires that all lights be crack free. However, you can’t just replace the tiny plastic cover. You have to replace the entire fog lamp kit which costs a lot. It was cheaper to have the dude take them out. Other than that, and regular maintenance, nothing major yet…

    • Yep, those fog lights can be tricky, too. I read in my manual that you’re not supposed to replace the fog lights yourself.

      Okey was able to replace the head light on Saturday… It took him about an hour and he had to remove the bumper.

      Overall, though, with 99k miles on the odometer, I am very satisfied with my car.

  2. My Jeep has signal issues. My right turn signal seems to have a short, which can be active for months or years at a time. People always suggest changing the bulbs, but that doesn’t work. One day, out of the blue, the signal will operate normally again, months later, it will start blinking fast again. Not sure why, but mechanics agree it needs work and don’t want to work on it themselves… I think Okey even tried to help me with this once when you were at my house.

    • Glad to hear it’s okay. I had a problem with my brake light and had a coworker follow me to a point where Okey could then follow me to the dealer. I have a hard enough time being telepathic with my husband that I don’t know how unsuspecting strangers would understand my sudden and inexplicable stopping.

      Hope that you may have many safe journeys ahead in your purple Jeep.

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