how to brew the okey way (part one)

This was a rare weekend where we were home and had no commitments. So we took the opportunity to brew some more beer yesterday. (The timing was perfect as we had kicked the keg containing the smoked porter on Thursday.)

Yesterday was also Learn to Homebrew Day, so we have documented the process for you.

These are the first few steps to brew an all-grain beer, a 6-8 hour process resulting in 5 gallons of beer. The beer he is making is called Paula’s Ale. 🙂

1. Measure out all of the ingredients, mill the grain and activate the yeast.

Basic Brewing Ingredients: Hops, Rice Solids, Yeast


10 lbs of Malted Grain to be Milled

2. Formulate how much water is needed; heat it up in stockpot to the strike temperature.

166.8˚F - Perfect for the mash!

3. Add water to grain and stir.

Dry grain in large container

Adding hot water to grain

Okey stirring

4. Let rest until sacrification is complete. This step is called “the mash.”

Checking that temperature is between 148˚F and 158˚F so enzymes are active and not destroyed.

5. Heat up sparge water to approximately 170˚ F then begin sparging.

174.0˚F - Perfect for the sparge!

Stockpot is perfect for collecting wort

Use a small overflow container if needed

Recirculating the wort

Checking for impurities -- There are none

6. Perform first gravity check after mash. Begin boil in stock pot.

Checking gravity -- Reading is 1.020 but allowing for temperature adjustment the gravity is 1.040

Starting to boil

7. Skim proteins. Add rice solids, hops and whorlflock.

Skimming off proteins

Rice Solids



8. Chill until 70˚ F.

Copper cooling process, Photo 1

Copper cooling process, Photo 2

Checking temperature

9. Check final gravity. Move to sterile primary fermenter and pitch yeast.

Final gravity is 1.048

Filling up primary fermenter

10. Place in dark, cool room for one week or until yeast is done fermenting.

To be continued…


Gravity = Amount of sugars that are suspended in the liquid

Pitch = Toss in

Sacrification = Enzymatic process of converting complex starches to simple sugars

Sparging = Rinsing the grains

Strike = Target


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