a heated contest

Okey and I are competitive people.  It’s a race to see who can get home first from the restaurant going different routes.  It’s  a competition to see who can get the most stars on Angry Birds.  It’s a challenge to see who can have a longer winning streak when playing board games.  But now there’s a new contest to see who can outlast the other.  This game is called Don’t be the One to Turn on the Heater also known as Freezing to Death.

Initially, this was a game where we were working together.  “Can we make it to November without turning on the heat?”  “I think so.  Let’s see.”  Then we made it to our goal.  And then a few more days.  But neither one of us wants to be seen as weak, so we have not touched the thermostat.

We’ve been having some very cold nights lately, but I am too proud to cave in.  I’ve been using candles during the day, and I took the electric blanket out of storage for the night.  Okey takes the space heater with him as he moves from the home office to the bedroom throughout the day.

Why I might win:  It may currently be 50 degrees outside, but it’s a warm 67 degrees inside thanks to the cakes I’m baking.  And I have an ace up my sleeve  as I can lay claims to the space heater; it was his Christmas present to me one year after all.

Why I might lose:  I’m a girl.  And, I’m afraid that I may fold first as it’s supposed to dip down to a chilly 33 degrees on Friday night, a fact that Okey keeps reminding me about.


6 thoughts on “a heated contest

  1. This is a riot! You know, since you have cute little pets, that may be a good excuse to turn the heat on…

    Q and I made it all the way to Thanksgiving last year. He suggested turning on the furnace yesterday, however, because it was too cold to do schoolwork. I was quite fine with that idea. (I’m glad he didn’t think it was a competition, or we’d go all winter without heat. Q once went over a full year without turning on his TV in Morgantown as a statement.)

    • I cooked a huge meal last night for several neighbors, and the house went up a degree. I haven’t figured out what my threshold is yet, but I am walking around the house barefoot at the moment. I think my limit might be 63 degrees.

      As for the pets, Okey says that Susie will lay down in front of the space heater which is set to heat the room to 65 degrees. It doesn’t always turn on, however, because it isn’t cold enough. It’s all just a mental game, even for the animals, at this point.

  2. That’s Great. Of course here in the south it’s warmer than it has been for you girls, but I’ve been trying to leave the heaters off here. Wish I could get Mepe to play the game. He bought two space heaters at Lowes last week and wants to use them if it gets below 68. I think it’s because he’s a smoker and his circulation isn’t as good. Also, I pay the heating bill and he does not.

  3. Well, when it got to 50 in the house, that is when Q turned our furnace on. I’m glad it is still staying above 60 something in both of your alls locations. Sarah, you should tell Mepe that none of his northern friends have their heat set up that high! 68 would be comfortable!


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