an overdue update

I’ve been told I haven’t posted in a while, and that no one knows what I’m up to or how I’m doing.  The last time I posted was on the 21st of October, and it was a very busy day in our neighborhood.  We gained a baby and lost a thumb.

Do you know how some babies are ugly?  And the ones that are very ugly are so ugly that there is nothing to say but how cute they are?  Well, this is the opposite.  Baby A is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.  It’s no surprise really because her parents should be Banana Republic models.  Another neighbor, who has sincerely cute children, said that Baby A was almost more beautiful than her children.  She added that she couldn’t say that Baby A was more beautiful than her own children or else she would feel like a bad mother.

We’ve lived in our neighborhood for years.  We’ve watched the ambulances come and go plenty of times, but this is the first time that a child was severely hurt.  Here are the details:  There were a lot of boys, ranging from 5-12 years old. There was an abandoned computer.  There was a hatchet.  The thumb was severed, and the missing piece was never found.

The little boy held himself together, perhaps better than many of the adults in the neighborhood.  He had some plastic surgery last week to close the wound and is doing well.

I don’t really have much to report which is probably why this place has been vacant for a while.  Here’s something:  I bowled an average of 132 last week.  I might not make it to my goal of 150, but still it’s an improvement.  Tonight I didn’t do as well, but my average is still improving.

Some family came to town this past weekend.  It was wonderful to not do the touristy things.  Instead, we took our guests shopping.  We went to Fairfax Corner and got new snow boots for the boys at REI and cupcakes for everyone at Cupcakes Actually.  I finally got to Sur la Table where I bought a sifter.  We went to Apple where Yennik bought his non-flash iPhone 4.  And lastly we ate at Mike’s American Grill, my favourite restaurant in this area.

Here’s a picture of a couple of happy bellies:

Hmm, what else….  I’ve been playing with some fun new apps on my iPhone 3GS:

  • Drop7 — A very addictive sudoku-like game that combines Tetris and Connect Four.
  • Trainyard — A puzzle game where you lay the tracks to get the trains to the right destinations safely.
  • Instagram — A simple and free tool that allows you to alter photographs on your phone with filters.

Here’s a picture that I tweaked with Instagram:



I like the retro look on this filter.  It reminds me of many family photos that were taken in the 1970s and 1980s.  (Should I be embarrassed?  I’m wearing the same shirt!)  Here’s an old photo circa 1985 for quality comparison:

I am going to end this post with some good, albeit vague, news.  Okey and I achieved a small victory tonight.  Some of you know the battles we’ve been losing, but finally we have won one!  I don’t know what’s ultimately going to happen down the road, but I just need to thank God for this victory and continue to put my trust in Him.


One thought on “an overdue update

  1. Finally, some news. And, finally, some good news. Glad to hear that something has finally gone your way with the small victory. I hope to give you a call sometime soon and hear all about it.

    Eek about the thumb. But at least it will be a scar with a good story, right?


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