heigh is for horses

What is the proper thing to say when someone asks “How are you?”  It should be “I’m well” or “Things have been better” or “Something that implies how I’m doing.”  The response I heard today (and have been hearing for a while) is “hey.” Oh, how that drives me nuts!  I’m not saying hello for the second time.  I’m really asking you how you are doing!

The other misuse of the word hey that bothers me is found in the expression “hey is for horses.”  That’s not necessarily true.  Hey is an exclamation; it’s a short word to get attention.

Hay isn’t for horses either.  Hay is dried grass for feeding livestock.

Heigh is for horses.  Think of it like mush for huskies, or sooey for pigs.

So please don’t respond with a “hey” unless you need to get my attention, or you need me to hand you some dried grass, or I look like a horse to you.  🙂

it’s not about facebook and other rants

To companies and news agencies I follow on Twitter, I don’t have a personal Facebook account.  The two websites are not linked and will never be.  So if you post a link to an update about your company, please make sure that the information is set so that anyone can see it.  Better yet, just link to the article on your website.

To credit card companies offering amazing rewards to stimulate the economy and support small businesses, please know that a link from your wall on Facebook to a page asking me to input my credit card number seems suspicious.  It feels more like Scam Saturday than Small Business Saturday.

To car companies, some people actually like to get their hands dirty to save a buck.  It would be nice if repairing a headlight could be easy to do ~ especially since most people don’t have a garage to work in during the winter months.

To organic milk companies, please don’t preach to me about Global Climate Change on the carton.  Did you ever hear about preaching to the choir?  Besides I’m already driving a hybrid like I suspect most other people buying your milk at crazy prices already do.

It’s ok.  I still like you and will buy your stuff.  I just had to get this off my chest.

please pray

Praise the Lord my plea for help was received.  Please pray for my husband and me this week as we will be talking to our legislator and his aide about ongoing concerns.  Please pray that we will continue to have a good heart throughout this process.  Thank you, dear ones.